Voters are faced will approving almost $11 million in city projects on Nov. 6.

The projects include a new animal shelter, Canal Street reconstruction, road work and new fire equipment.

Bonding $1.4 million for a new animal shelter is a necessary and worthwhile project. The current shelter is woefully inadequate and falling apart. It's not a place that can promote adoption and education, like the proposed shelter can.

We also support bonding $3.5 million for fire apparatus. The department would replace six vehicles with four new emergency vehicles — one to each of the four fire companies. Echo Hose Hook and Ladder will get a rescue truck with pumping capabilities, Pine Rock Park and White Hills will each get an engine that is part ladder truck and pumper, and the Huntington Fire Co. will get a rescue truck. When it comes to emergency vehicles, dependability and safety is key. That's why we need to support the vehicle replacement. It isn't cheap, but it's worth it.

Canal Street reconstruction is a worthwhile project. The Canal Street area continues to grow and bring in more tax revenue for the city. It's a good investment.

It's hard to argue with $5 million for road work, especially if you happen to live on one of those roads that hasn't been re-done in 30 years.

But no matter if you vote 'yes' or 'no' Nov. 6, just be sure to vote. These are all projects that will have a significant impact on Shelton's future. Don't be complacent.