A safe school year for students

There are only a few more days of summer vacation remaining for Shelton students in both the public and private schools. The school administrators have toiled all summer to have staff, buildings and supplies ready for Sept. 6, bus drivers are beginning to test their routes, the no tax week assisted many with school clothes purchases and Mayor Lauretti was able to find a solution to the Sunnyside School roofing delay and refurbishing the Media Center with Dr. Clouet, Supt. of Schools. No opening delays are expected at Sunnyside and the school and there will be an air quality test done before the start of school.  We have also made progress in the refurbishing of the entrances to several schools to further safeguard our students while they are attending school.  

The most important factor now is the safety of our students while they are on their way to school.  This part of puzzle sits squarely on the shoulders of each driver who lives, works, or is traveling through Shelton. Our Shelton PD traffic specialist Sgt. Mark Siglinger has been diligent about getting all the streets, crosswalks and slow school signs painted in advance, bus stop signs have been in place for several years and the basic rule about NOT PASSING BUSES taking on or discharging students have not changed. The speed indicators that are in place to remind us we are speeding should definitely have left an impression on how fast we really drive!   Whether you have been in a fender bender or  a 5 car pile up I think we can all agree that slower driving is a good thing.  

Every parent needs to be reminded our students about being alert and to be careful while waiting at the bus stop and how to conduct themselves on the buses. The older students should be vigilant about watching out for those less experienced and set good examples for them whenever possible also.  

As you drive please be aware of students on bikes, walking/running to school, crossing without looking first and chasing balls or pets into the street.  Every child is important to their family, our community and the future.   Keep them in mind while you are driving....put down the phones and keep your eyes on the road....pull over to answer calls or to text....Let’s make this another safe year for everyone concerned.