Alderman endorses Lauretti

The citizens of Shelton have been well served by Mayor Mark A. Lauretti.  Like you he is dumbfounded by Governor Malloy and the Legislators who have driven our state deeper into financial ruin, continue to over regulated our businesses, legislate mandates to raise the cost of education and they can't wait to levy another tax on you to pay for their incompetence.   

Mark's vision is to do the same for the State of Connecticut as he has done for Shelton.  He wants to "bring back Prosperity to the State of CT." At one time, you may remember, the people and Connecticut businesses invented, designed, engineered and manufactured everything and did it right here in Connecticut.  

Mark Lauretti is seeking to be placed on the August 2018 Republican Primary Ballot for Governor.   He needs registered CT Republican voters signatures (Eligible Unaffiliated voters can also sign if they agree to change to Republican) from any Connecticut city or town to accomplish this goal.   If you will lend your signature to his petitions we can be on our way to a new era of prosperity in the Hartford where fiscal management and innovation is needed so badly.

Petitions can be signed at the following locations and times this week.  The Farmers Market and behind the Shelton Comm. Ctr. on Saturday & Sunday June 9th & 10th from 10A to 4P. Please bring family or friends with you.

Anyone wishing to assist in circulating petitions can call me at 203-605-7712 for information.

Standing up now to place Mark Lauretti on the Primary Ballot will give the voters of Connecticut and their families a fighting chance to save our state from more financial disruption.