Alderman thanks responders, residents

To the Editor:

It’s a recurring theme — once we have seen the worst, the next storm comes along and puts the community to the test.

In the last two years, we’ve had more than our fair share of bad weather. We have had three record breaking snowstorms, Tropical Storm Irene and what was called Super Storm Sandy.

We all should be grateful to our voluntary emergency fire services that staffed their respected fire stations. Throughout the blizzard, many responded to numerous calls with EMS to help their neighbors in need. After the storm had passed, they have gone out to remove the snow covering the fire hydrants. But we, as a community, must remember that we have a city ordinance that requires homeowners to remove snow from the hydrant in front of their own property. If the homeowner is elderly or disabled be a good neighbor and dig it out for them.

We should also be grateful to the dispatchers and officers of Shelton Police Department as well as those in City Hall who took countless calls from residents. But most of all, we should be grateful to our Highways and Bridges Department crews who worked tirelessly to clear our main roads and side streets. They were also there clearing the roads in order for EMS and Fire Services to respond to the emergency calls during and after the blizzard. As quickly as the plows were clearing the roads, the snow was falling behind them. We should also be grateful to and thank the mechanics who worked tirelessly keeping the plows on the roads as well as the staff and dispatcher at the Highways and Bridges Department who worked around the clock, taking countless calls from residents. The Parks and Recreation and Maintenance Departments also spent countless hours clearing snow.

Let’s not forget our neighbors who were helping neighbors. The residents of Audubon Lane, Valley Road, Briarcliff and Oak Ave all had the spirit and banded together to clear their roads. I’m sure there are other roads where the residents banded together.

The next time — and yes there will be a next time — our emergency services, Highways and Bridges Department, Parks and Recreation and Maintenance Department will perform with the same admirable dedication to the residents of Shelton that they have shown during each and every weather-related emergency.

Thank you for your service to the people of Shelton.

John “Jack” Finn

Alderman First Ward