Another attractive development opens

The newly opened Big Y shopping center is the latest example of excellent design, landscaping, traffic control, and convenience coordinated by our highly regarded Planning and Zoning commission and staff. It's another feather in the cap of Shelton's strategy of bringing in attractive development that residents want, and tax revenue, to accumulate funds for the next large open space land purchase. And to keep our taxes low.

That's why most Sheltonites, if you ask them, are in favor of the next big development, called Shelter Ridge, which is now going through the approval process. The opponents of this project are primarily a small but rowdy bunch of residents who just want their neighborhood woods and frogs for themselves, even though there are thousands of acres of protected open space and paths already set up all around Shelton for all to enjoy. I can't wait for this new project to start construction next Spring. When completed, it will probably bring in 500 more jobs for people from teenagers to senior citizens.