Bus driver guides children to safety from suspected gas leak

On Sept. 28, bus 29 was en route to Elizabeth Shelton School with children on board. The bus driver, Marge, who has been employed by several bus companies over the last 27 years here in Shelton, was behind the wheel. She called the bus company using her cell phone to inform them that she was smelling propane gas. Marge also informed them of her location (Maple Avenue at the middle of the intersection with Hayfield Drive}. When the smell got bad, she called the bus company again to inform them she was evacuating the bus with the children. She then led the children to a safe location on the grass away from the bus. Once the bus was shut down, the feeder line was closed to the propane. I responded as Fire Police along with the White Hills and Echo Hose Fire Departments. Melissa from the Safety Office also responded. I would like to thank Marge for watching over her flock and leading them to a safe location. As an Alderman and a first responder, I would like to thank Marge for her quick reaction to the situation and her  concern for the safety of the children.