Choose Medicare Act would benefit Shelton

Recently, Senator Murphy introduced a bill allowing all Americans to “Choose Medicare” competing with private insurance. I believe this plan would greatly benefit Shelton as we have many established corporations already and an environment to grow small businesses. How many people have heard a friend say “I’d love to work for an exciting startup but I need my current employers’ insurance?” I’ve heard it a lot and Medicare-for-all opt in reduces that barrier helping small businesses compete for top talent.

Connecticut also has the Access HealthCT exchange established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was so efficient and successful, nearly cutting the number of uninsured residents in half, that CEO Kevin Counihan was hired to run the Federal exchange. Republicans and President Trump keep pushing misleading facts about the ACA and last year attempted to destabilize it, yet Access HealthCT enrollments grew 2.3% to 114,134.

Granted premiums have increased since implementing the ACA, though at half the prior rate. But the ACA lacked a public option, something many Democrats desired for controlling costs. The Choose Medicare Act provides a hybrid private-public option augmenting the ACA. It’s not Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan but other countries with cheaper, more efficient healthcare than the US have similar systems.

With the business climate in Shelton there are a lot of benefits to passing Murphy’s bill. Even if it’s unlikely to happen this year with a Republican legislature I hope my fellow Shelton citizens will help me advocate for improving the healthcare market.