Condition of Plumb Memorial Library is an ‘embarrassment’

I have been a resident of Shelton for over 30 years and am happy to be living in Shelton; it has much to offer. I do volunteer work in many areas – Plumb Library is one place that I use and also volunteer (I have done some display cases in the library at different seasons). The condition of the library is in deplorable condition and it has been for a long time. It is an embarrassment to the community. When new people move into Shelton, the library is the window of the city.

The dirty floor tiles, the carpet that hasn’t been shampooed or replaced in years, the ceiling tiles that are missing where you can see wires, dust and spiders , tiles that have been laying on the floor for over a year, etc. are just a few of the things that need attention. Some money needs to be spent to upgrade the condition of this building. It doesn’t have to be a major remodeling, but some major maintenance and upgrades should be done to make this a more inviting place.

If you look at neighboring town libraries, you can see how disgusting ours is in comparison. I would urge everyone involved in budgeting for the library to visit the building and judge for yourself the poor condition. After you see the decaying condition, I hope you ask the city to spend more money on making our library a place that Shelton can be proud of. I have enclosed some pictures for you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.