Don’t arm teachers or reciprocate concealed carry laws

Attending the Shelton March for our Lives organized by our high school students made me hopeful for change. Greater political involvement by young people in America is long overdue. They have plenty of reason to be concerned about their safety, across the river and a short drive up 34 is Sandy Hook, and I want to applaud them for stepping up and addressing gun policy in America.

Plenty of Shelton voters support the second amendment. Over Republican opposition Connecticut passed common sense gun laws in 2013 including purchase permits (requiring safety training), stronger background checks, limiting assault weapons and magazine sizes. In 2016 the number of gun homicides dropped to 53. Previously CT averaged 92. But gun sales have not decreased, state police records show they’ve increased since 2013. Proof that responsible gun owners still legally obtain firearms.

I’m a scientist, I don’t trust rhetoric, I like measurable data. That’s why I support restoring funding for the CDC to study causes of gun violence and improving national crime reporting that can provide better data and assist law enforcement.

What I don’t support and heard opposition of at Shelton’s March for Our Lives is arming teachers and concealed carry reciprocity laws. I don’t believe arming teachers will make schools safer. It sounded like our students and teachers agreed. With gun regulations left up to States concealed carry reciprocity would infringe upon states’ rights.

I believe most Shelton voters can agree with me that Connecticut gun laws work. Without preventing gun sales to responsible owners. Let’s preserve them while studying, nationally, the best way to prevent gun violence and make schools safer. Don’t let the GOP, NRA or anyone  else undermine our right to common sense gun laws.