Frequent Herald letter writer celebrates his 91st birthday: Talking to God

Dick De Witt
Dick De Witt

To the Editor:

Today is my 91st birthday. I've reached an age when it seems natural to wake up in the dark of morning and talk to God.

I tell Him how much I've enjoyed this fantastic journey and I ask Him if there is anything He wants me to do for Him while I am still on this planet.

Heaven knows I don't have much to offer. I believe we are all born with a special talent, and I believe I have some ability and desire to write.

I wrote an unpublished story of my life, and for over 20 years I've managed to express my thoughts in a few hundred letters published in local newspapers.

Many letters are against newspaper propaganda. For example: Newspapers are strongly pro-war. They want to unite us in a 60-year Mideast battle against worldwide evil.

Our sensible friends and allies decide to go home when they have had enough. We collect our bodies and wounded from the battlefield, dig in and carry on every unwinnable, costly battle alone.

Selfish interests and Congress

Congress serves its selfish interests, supports money interests, and has sold out and deserted middle-class taxpayers. Members of Congress sold their vote to allow the pharmaceutical companies to charge outrageous prices. That’s why U.S.-made prescription drugs cost less in Canada and the rest of the world than they do here.

Congressmen and women should be given the choice of taking their millions in bribery, retire, or face trial  and jail time for accepting illegal paybacks.

When the movie "Gone With The wind" was made in 1937, a huge worldwide search was made to find the actress to play Scarlett O'Hara. We need that kind of ambitious search to find our next president with leadership ability, intelligence, and the willingness to accept a thankless job where the daily newspaper cartoonists show you to the world as a big-eared, tiny-headed monkey?

Religion and politics

There is a saying that religion and politics start too many arguments and should never be discussed. I believe religion and politics are most important subjects that should be discussed a great deal more.

You have every right to yours and are welcome to them. You live with your beliefs and I will live with mine.

We have so much to learn from each other with our various backgrounds, cultures, religions and political beliefs — all living together peacefully in this beautiful country, rich in land and resources sea to shining sea.   As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

U.S. selling off its natural resources

I write to alarm the public that our capitalistic system lacks sensible laws to stop the sale of our land and natural resources (water, oil, etc.) that generations of veterans fought and died to preserve.

The wealth of our nation that belongs to generations of our children and grandchildren must stop being sold off to foreign nations.

I was drafted in the Army to serve during World War II. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. The Army pulled me out of a boring defense job, where I spent all my working hours sitting on a stool in front of a grinding machine.

My nose and mouth covered with heavy gauge and plastic goggles over my eyes. I would take little pieces of metal out of a box on my left, grind the end a few seconds, and put the piece in a box on my right.

Remember when ...

As for the year I was born, 1923, Warren Harding was president and Calvin Coolidge was vice president. Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole would be born as well as Chuck Yeager, Charles Durning, Ed McMahon, Henry Kissinger, Alan Shepard Jr., and the "Hillbilly Shakespeare” songwriter and singer Hank Williams, famous for  "Your Cheatin' Heart,” "Hey Good Lookin”  "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry” (born in Alabama and one of the most influential country artists in history, he died at age 29 in 1953).

Also in 1923, Silver/Cohn provided the popular "Yes, We Have No Bananas,” and George Gershwin reached into the heavens and brought back "Rhapsody In Blue” magic.

Bobby Jones was the U.S. Open golf winner, the New York Yankees won the World Series, life expectancy was 54.1 years, and Milky Way candy bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were introduced. Popular car brands included the Willys-Knight and Chevrolet.

A new home cost $7,400, a new car was $295, and the average monthly rent was $18. Other prices: 15 cents for a movie ticket, 12 cents a gallon for gasoline, 2 cents for a postage stamp, 9 cents for a loaf of bread, 12 cents for a dozen eggs, and 13 cents for a hamburger.

Moving to Shelton

In late November 2013, Storm Cindy swamped the basement of our Fairfield home and water covered a few inches of the first floor.

A builder of mega-mansions then bought our house and we moved to Crosby Commons in Shelton.

I think of Crosby Commons as "The Good Ship Lollipop!" on a long cruise, without the rockin' or rollin', and land always available.

Looking forward to 92.

Dick De Witt