Harger endorses Parkins for P&Z

Having been an elected member of Shelton’s Planning & Zoning Commission since 2005, I have served alongside several from both political parties who, in my opinion, have understood the impact each decision makes for Shelton’s residents. Before voting on an application, proposal, modification, special exception, zone change, etc., a Commissioner needs to have understood the facts presented, and has considered zoning regulations, overall impact, tax consequences, etc. PZC chair, Ruth Parkins, has received a lot of criticism since the Shelter Ridge vote. Social media comments say “she has to go”. To that I emphatically say, No. On the PZC Commission since 2007 and chair since 2009, Ruth is committed to making sound decisions for balanced economic development to serve the best interests of all residents. She is dedicated to her duties and responsibilities, spending hours to get acquainted with proposals and for the various meetings she must attend throughout the month. I see she comprehends the complexity of a proposal and doesn’t hesitate to ask difficult questions, point out what needs improvement, or to seek an answer to a concern. This is not the time to elect an untested, inexperienced person to the PZC. Ruth is her own person and has an outstanding educational, employment, professional and volunteer background. Shelton residents are fortunate to have such a person willing and able to take on the task of being on the PZC. I am voting for Ruth Parkins and urge Shelton voters to do the same on Tuesday, Nov. 7.