Hold Board of Education members accountable

As a working woman with deep family roots in Shelton, I have been following the story of what is happening to our public school cafeteria workers. Like most of us, I have many relatives who work in our public schools and take pride in the work they do every day for our students. These jobs are an important part of the economic health of our city. We cannot lose sight of this, even when budgets are tight.

The Shelton Board of Education has contracted with an unknown food service vendor from Long Island, the Whistons Culinary Group. Now our elected Board members are apparently sitting by while this out-of-state company threatens the modest jobs that dozens of Shelton residents need to support themselves and their families.

When our Board of Education votes to bring a company into Shelton, they have the responsibility to hold that contractor accountable for providing a quality service. However, if they do not also hold that contractor accountable for providing jobs that support Shelton families, they have failed one of their most important responsibilities to our community. We must hold our elected Board members to a higher standard.