How can Shelton maintain its quality of life?

How do we save our precious resources? How do we save our history? How do we respect our wildlife and environment? When we look at purchasing the land, we should look at the cost and is it really as staggering a number as people may think. As a community can we find 1,000 homeowners who can spare $20 per week? With the simple math we see that each family would raise $1,000 per year. 1,000 families is $1,000,000 per year and the portion of the property the Conservation Commission wants to save would be paid for in five years (Assuming we could buy for $5,000,000). There are over 10,000 homes in Shelton. So the math is very simple. If each homeowner could spare $100 ($2 per week) per year, we could raise $1,000,000 each and every year for a fund to save what is important to the city. QUALITY OF LIFE!!! The mayor can't think that way. It's why we are selling off the city. No foresight or ability to think outside the box. We need to make changes in this city. We need to do it now before we all lose this city before we realize it's happening. I am not saying let's stop growing. I say let's grow rationally and with an actual real plan. Carving out new zoning on a cocktail napkin is not a plan. I'm really wondering the last time we had a plan. We had a plan 25 years ago on saving some land. Why not now? Dig deep into the real amount of development coming already and all the others behind the scenes and it's staggering. This is not about "Not in my back yard" like the mayor wants to think. Residents who fight the destruction of special historic parts of our city are not "People with an ax to grind" or "Looking at a political future" as many in government want to say. This is about every citizen in our city. From our elders who want to see their city keep it's core values. To our youth who like to feel they can continue life in Shelton as their parents did. And everyone in between who have come here for our beauty, open areas and slightly laid back life. WAKE UP AND ACT BEFORE THIS IS ALL LOST. I think most people can find $2 / week to keep their city. Don't lose out to power and greed.