‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

It's almost that time again to vote for municipal candidates. A quick review of how Shelton is doing these days reveals that we are blessed with strong leaders who are moving our community forward in terms of balanced growth and quality of life.

New businesses keep moving into town; the school system is flourishing under the direction of a popular and effective Superintendent. On the horizon are more homes and several attractive apartment complexes to provide options for seniors and new residents. The downtown area is still buzzing with four new small apartment buildings in the pipeline. A big marina with a waterfront restaurant and public access is going through final design approvals for a River Road location.

Long-time residents enjoy a widening selection of restaurants and shops. The Big Y Marketplace has turned out to be even more attractive than the successful Split Rock Walgreens project. The Shelton Ridge project will create hundreds of jobs for our kids, and senior citizens who want to keep working.

Current civic leaders such as the Mayor and Aldermen deserve most of the credit for running Shelton efficiently, which attracts new business and residential activity. The Planning and Zoning Commission and staff do a great job at ensuring that new development is inviting and beneficial to the entire community. Taxes are still stable after so many years, and Shelton's very good reputation continues to grow.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a classic expression that applies to Shelton's leaders. In my opinion, we should continue and vote for the Republican slate of candidates who have already brought us so much progress and prosperity. Let’s show our appreciation by giving them landslide victories. Everyone please make sure you vote.