LETTER: Any new highway toll revenue is for the state, not profiteers

To the Editor:

Gov. Malloy could reap billions of dollars to fund his $l00 billion transportation improvement plan simply by installing electronic tolls on Connecticut highways, or private contractors could earn billions of dollars by handling the job for him.

What kind of sorry choice is that? Connecticut is not in a position to give away billions of dollars to out-of-state businessmen for unemployed engineers we have here.

Indiana hired a private Australian-Spanish company to take over a 157-mile highway from Chicago to the Ohio border, to maintain and collect tolls on a 75-year-contract. During the first year of the contract, tolls were increased from $4.65 to $8. Is that what we want?

Colorado struck a similar deal in 2013. Do we want to give away billions of dollars? Aren’t we capable of collecting and counting billions of dollar profits from our own tolls? Isn’t that an obvious no-brainer?

Connecticut has sold off its entire water supply — lakes and reservoirs — to a British company; our Alaskan and offshore oil fields to British Petroleum; and a Spanish energy giant recently purchased United Illuminating (including Southern Connecticut Gas) for $3 billion.

We have lost count of the natural assets — from orange groves to meat packing plants, and buildings to large pieces of real estate — that now are owned by foreign entities.

Connecticut has few assets left. Let’s not squander them for a few more immediate dollars.

Dick De Witt