LETTER: Concerned about Derby’s shrinking tax base

To the Editor:

Derby, the state’s smallest documented tax-base city, is losing key business taxpayers.

Closed due to failure to pay state sales taxes is Whiskey’s Bar in East Derby. Marshall Lane Manor rest home has posted notice that it intends to close the convalescent hospital, which employs 91 people.

Very recently closed is the landmark Town & Country Liquor Store, which had been located in the Big Lots Shopping Center on New Haven Avenue.

Concerning a separate topic, with the elimination of the Valley Gazette’s printed version, perhaps some Hersam Acorn readers are unaware that in lieu of a refund, they can have their remaining subscription period substituted with the Shelton Herald, which we have opted to do.

(Thanks to Anne Jemioto, my continual neighbor since 1938, now in Derby and previously on Howe Avenue in Shelton, for tipping me off to this).

Dorothy and I are thankful that another printed version remains available to Valley readers in the Shelton Herald.

Stan Muzyk