LETTER: Connecticut Proposal: Automatic voter registration through DMV

The League of Women Voters of Connecticut supports the Secretary of the State in her efforts to bring automatic voter registration through the DMV to our state. The bill recently sent to the legislature could help both those new to voting rolls and those already registered who move within and outside the state.

As the Secretary pointed out in her recent press conference, there will be a cost and it will take time. Cost, always an issue and particularly in recent years, means a one-time outlay could result in savings going forward, as it has in Delaware, to the tune of $200,000 a year. The time to develop such a system means assurance of security, accuracy, and an opportunity to link information systems that can support rather than duplicate each other, serving larger government-service purposes. The integrity of voting technology is also critical. And the Secretary of the State emphasized that in her announcement.

A political process open to all citizens has long been a fundamental principle of the LWV. Voter registration is key to the process, as are secure, accurate, re-countable, and accessible voting systems. The LWV supports an expanded registration policy and applauds Secretary Merrill and her office’s continued efforts to make the voter registration process more accessible.

Automatic voter registration is worthy of discussion. Some reports indicate such a policy can increase voter turnout, something worth investigating. We thank the Secretary of the State for taking this initiative to register more voters.