LETTER: Family finds a good fit with chapel in Shelton

To the Editor:

I found it! I finally found a place of worship within my community that fits the needs for myself and my family. It’s called The Huntington Chapel, located at 177 Ripton Road, Shelton (about a mile from Huntington Center).

Having been raised a Catholic, church was always an integral part of my life growing up.

Recently I have returned to Shelton with my family to care for my elderly mother after my dad’s passing and started the search for a church to fit our family’s needs.

The Huntington Chapel was our answer after attending services at a variety of other churches in the area. Not only did we find a place of worship, we found a “family.”

The parish consists of a very diverse group of young and old, single and married with children, and some “empty nesters.”

The pastor, Pastor Doug, is a family man in his 50s who is quit studied with “the word” and even more importantly, carrying it out to the people. Everybody there is down to earth and we felt well received from the first visit.

A live Christian band

There are two masses on Sunday at 9 and 10:45 a.m. The first mass is traditional in the sense of the word, and the second mass is a true worshipping experience complete with a live Christian band, dancing flag wavers, and a large video screen to sing along if the mood strikes you.

My wife even started bringing her tambourine to church and to be honest, she is pretty good with it.

Both masses are followed up with “coffee and,” which allows the opportunity to converse with others. The second mass offers Sunday school for the children as well as a nursery for the toddlers.

In the last four months we have attended there have even been two pot luck lunches.

They also have a pretty good youth program our 12-year-old son has been involved with.

The bottom line is, not every church is for every person and not every person is for every church. We have been fortunate enough to find a fit for our family.

No matter who you are, become involved to hopefully better yourselves and your family while potentially helping others.

If by chance you would like to come visit our place of worship, please stop by, the Lord would love to have you as our guest.

Ray Reynolds