LETTER: Get rid of the ‘insanity’ and ‘nonsense’ in Washington

To the Editor:

I would like to express my distress at the situation in this country and ask what my representatives in Washington are doing about it.

The deficit and debt are unsustainable and will cause the demise of our financial institutions and our economy. I don’t run my household like that and I don’t want my members in Congress supporting this insanity. Stop spending and balance the budget.

An open border means tens of thousands of illegals are coming in with diseases or drug cartel connections or terrorist plans — no one seems to know or care. Do you lock your door at home? Why can’t we do the same for our nation.

A healthcare system was forced and coerced down our throats by a man who lied every step of the way, saying, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”

We could have taken the billions of dollars spent on a faulty healthcare plan website and just helped the uninsured — but no! This is about big government control and not about healthcare at all.

The president has weakened our country on the world stage — and the bad guys know it and are running wild.

With the economy, the middle class has seen no raises in years as costs continue to rise. This means the middle class is sliding down the economic scale.

Nov. 4 is fast approaching and those representing us in Washington need to be replaced. Pack your bags because this nonsense has to end.

Mickey LaCrosse