LETTER: Instead of a march in Paris, let's create a plan to defeat terror

To the Editor:

“Muslim terrorists kill 17 people in Paris,” state the headlines as our newspapers report the tragic murder.

A front page announces, “A huge show of solidarity in Paris against terrorism.” President Barack Obama is criticized for not going to Paris (I’d rather he spend his valuable time concentrating on employment and our many other problems).

One local daily newspaper published an article on Jan. 13 with the headline, “Muslims worldwide decry Paris killings, seek peace.” Most normal people seek peace, health and happiness during our short time on earth.

It is not possible to call the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, terrorists. They may have as many mentally disturbed and criminal minds as everyone else. We have our share.

Rather than thousands of well-meaning national leaders having their pictures taken in a huge show of solidarity; and rather than wasting their time, getting wet and catching the flu by participating in a cold and rainy march, how about taking a more positive action?

Just sit in a nice warm room and brainstorm ideas to beat terror

Here’s one thought: What is humorous about anti-religious cartoons? Millions of people believe Jesus was the Son of God. They would not appreciate cartoons of Jesus or God.

Why would French cartoonists annoy religious Muslims? What is achieved by making Muhammad some kind of joke? What’s the point?

Now newspapers warn us that while Paris is bringing in more police and focusing on additional threats from smaller crews of terrorists, the French satirical paper re-ignited the debate by showing a new depiction of Muhammad again — “pitting free-speech against religious sensitivities.”

A preacher was quoted by a British newspaper as saying the image was an act of war that would be punishable by death if judged in a Shariah (Islamic) court.

The explosive atmosphere will not be cleared while the French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, continues publishing anti-religious Muhammad cartoons. What can be expected? Additional threats, violence, killings. Never kick a bee’s nest.

Every stupid act reflects a stupid reaction. Want enemies to be friends — read the New Testament.

Dick De Witt