LETTER: Little League, police kudos, potholes and driving safely in Shelton

To the Editor:

We know spring is here when Stan Kudej and his dedicated crew of volunteers kick off the Shelton Little League program.

I hope we can field another Little League World Series team in 2015 and send them off to Williamsport, Pa., at the end of the season.

The safety of everyone in our city is paramount and on the minds of our family members, friends and our local emergency responders. The winter is gone, remaning snow is melting by the day, and freezing before the morning rush hour now is behind us.

We do, however, have some scars on our roads and other hazards to deal with for the short term. The very bitter cold we experienced has caused our road surfaces to become littered with potholes and has left larger than usual piles of sand everywhere.

The road crews have begun to patch the potholes and remove the sand, so please slow down when you come upon the road crews and give them plenty of space as you pass to avoid accidentally hitting anyone.

I hope all of you took the time to read the Shelton Herald front page story relating to the Shelton Police Department promotion and awards ceremony held at the Shelton Senior Center several weeks ago.

If you didn’t, please make sure you do. I had the pleasure of attending the ceremony to see Shelton’s’ Finest being given the accolades and promotions they truly deserve.

From Chief Joel Hurliman to our most recent recruits, Shelton’s police officers have all mastered the police academy programs — but what is extremely impressive is the many higher education degrees (college, university, FBI, etc.) and training programs our officers have completed and excelled at as well.

The Thin Blue Line that protects our citizens and property in Shelton is very well equipped and tactical trained, along with being intellectually ready to handle the serious and complicated criminal activities, human tragedies and rescues that occur each day.

We are fortunate to have police officers who are committed to pursuing their education as well as the bad guys. Please remember to thank them for being there 24/7 to protect each of us, our families, and our friends.

And last, but not least, please drive slower. Everyone will appreciate it.

Anthony F. Simonetti