LETTER:Perhaps Derby needs the leadership Republican Mayor Mark Lauretti

The landlocked and small City of Derby and current Democratic Mayor Anita Dugatto city hall administration is challenged with monumental and costly problems that are facing Derby taxpayers to a virtual point of no return.  While the city of Shelton was successful in revitalizing their downtown, Derby failed to revitalize their downtown and left a steep bank on the south side of Main Street not suited for development after a blown redevelopment attempt led to allowing historic downtown business buildings to crumble and be razed due to no Derby plan to restore them.

Perhaps Derby needs the successful leadership and direction of Shelton Republican Mayor Mark Lauretti and should look into merging with the city of Shelton and perhaps operate as the borough of Derby. Shelton and Derby and Ansonia were called Birmingham which existed from the year of 1836. The cities of Ansonia and Derby were authorized by the legislature of 1893, after Ansonia ceded from Derby in 1889. Shelton was incorporated as a city in 1915 and was consolidated with the town of Huntington in 1919. The decline of Shelton industry ended up with a rise of Shelton office space under the successful business leadership of Mayor Lauretti. Suggest a possibility of a merger with Shelton should be explored  by Derby officials. Derby needs all the help it can get.