LETTER: Retiring Shelton animal control officer offers thanks to many

To the Editor:

I retired from my position as animal control officer for the city of Shelton on Oct. 15. After 28-and-a half years in this position, it is time to move on.

I have met many amazing people over the years who have made it possible for me to do my job when dealing with difficult situations. Yes, I have lots of happy experiences but also many sad stories that I will never forget.

If it weren’t for the many people who have donated over the years, whether it was food, blankets, toys, towels, treats, and especially the moral support, I would not have lasted this long.

This includes local schools, scout troops, veterinarians, residents from all around (not just Shelton), the children who have had food donations for their birthday gifts for the homeless animals of Shelton, the Friends of Shelton Animal Shelter organization that has provided thousands of dollars toward vet care that would not have been covered from the shelter budget, and private monetary donations that went to a special donation account to also provide vet care for our shelter animals.

Also, a very special dog named Kinsey Bean Yolish, whose Mom and Dad sponsor a birthday party for Kinsey every year for going on nine years. Her gifts are monetary donations toward our vet care as well as dry and canned food, various types of dog treats, toys, and miscellaneous other supplies for our shelter residents (this has exceeded thousands of dollars).

And the dedicated volunteers who faithfully came to walk the dogs.

If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry, but I deeply appreciate any and all donations and help I have received.

My family has been so supportive when I missed family functions because I was called out for an emergency, or had to go clean and feed the dogs on holidays and weekends when I had no help.

Also, a thank you to Garritt for plowing out the shelter, weed-wacking the exercise pens for the dogs, and helping put tarps up before snow storms, and all the other odd jobs you did for me to make it easier to do my work.

I would like to keep in touch with friends I have made as well as receive updates on pets I have placed for adoption so I am including my email address. I look forward to updates from my former residents. Thank you again.

Sheryl Taylor