LETTER: State budget cuts may endanger library services

To the Editor:

Recently proposed state budget cuts and statute eliminations endanger libraries across Connecticut. If passed, this legislation will unmake ConnectiCard, the organization that allows library materials to be loaned across city lines, serving over 192 public libraries.

As a Shelton resident, you may not be able to request or return books or other materials from libraries in other cities, as you can do now at both Plumb Memorial Library and the Huntington Branch.

If our current system is dismantled, Shelton library cards could not be used to check out books from any out-of-town libraries, and you could not check out their books even if you personally drove to the other libraries.
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Another loss to Connecticut libraries would be the end of CLC, an organization that secures us discounts for materials and saved libraries statewide $7.1 million last year.

In all, these services cost the state just $2 million last year, a mere fraction of the $75 million it would cost taxpayers and communities to replace them without state aid.

This would result in an all-too-common injustice: The poorest Connecticut communities, who need this aid the most, will be the least able to operate their libraries.

What is more, by impeding the free flow of information among libraries, these proposed budget cuts are a form of censorship.

To express your desire to keep Connecticut libraries funded, fill out a letter to your state representative and senator at: capwiz.com/ala/ct/home. Your libraries and I both thank you.

Adam Cleri


Plumb Memorial Librarian