LETTER: Teach religion and morals, not war and paganism

To the Editor:

Why is our nation so caught up in all the evil of crime, corruption and continuous, unwinnable wars? Is the United States a government of, by and for the people or a nation controlled by the military, industrial complex?

Is our flag still the Old Glory of stars and stripes or is it a large black dollar sign on a green flag?

All religions teach the existence of God and to love and care for one another. Our military teaches us to fear and hate one another and that the best defense is to attack.

Our educators and religious authorities don’t believe religious subjects should be allowed in the school room, so we spend our young learning years studying mass murder and genocide of the Crusades, tortures and slaughter of the Spanish Inquisition, the unforgettable nightmare of the Holocaust.

We have no time to discuss religious kindness, generosity, compassion and normal, moral living.

We are required to study the pagan life of the Greeks and Romans. We see statues of Zeus, Thor and Apollo, but are forbidden to hear the inspiring words of Jesus, Confucius, Mohammad and Buddha.

We are not told that ignorance of religion causes wars. That all religions teach us that by helping each other, there is enough for all; and by fighting each other, we plant the toxic seed of fear and hate.

Jesus said, “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

The United States military is involved in numerous wars all over the earth. It’s time for our government to stop playing war games. It’s time to repair our infrastructure and to create jobs for our unemployed.

Dick De Witt