LETTER: Thank you for making the Shelton Farmers Market a success

To the Editor:

There is a changing of the guard at the Shelton Farmers Market. As reported in the last issue of the Shelton Herald, the Shelton Farmers Market leadership will change in the 2015 season. Some vendors and procedures will also change as well.

The market started in July 1993 at the same location where the market building now stands. At that time the area was a brownfield and a burned-out building stood starkly    across the street, near the former decaying B.F. Goodrich site.

The area became transformed with a change in city leadership in 1991 and with help from the state of Connecticut and Shelton community organizations. In 2001, the current market building opened. The whole area is now attractive and useful.

Thank you, city officials, farm vendors and market customers for making the past 22 years successful and productive. We all look forward to buying fresh, local produce and products in a welcoming business atmosphere at the Shelton Farmers Market.

Guy Beardsley


Editor’s note: Guy Beardsley founded the Shelton Farmers Market, overseeing its operation for 22 years. He also operates Guy’s Eco-Garden, a farm in White Hills.

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