LETTER: The city is for sale

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”- Martin Luther King.

Wake up residents of Shelton!! Our city is for sale and it’s getting worse. Our leaders believe that the “silent majority” who don’t attend meetings, write or call the Mayor or the P&Z commissioners, think they are doing a good job.

The 2017 POCD (Plan of Conservation and Development) has eliminated the 2006 goal of 15% open space. It’s gone.

If you value your city’s green space, trails and a quiet environment with less traffic, you must let them know before it’s too late. Only two of the P&Z Commissioners, Jimmy Tickey and Anthony Pagoda voted to deny the massive destruction on Bpt Ave/Mill St.called “Shelter Ridge.” Residents should be very grateful for their thoughtful consideration. These intelligent men care about residents and did the job they were elected to do.

Why are they the only ones who understand what “planned, sensible development” is? According to “Shelton Life” magazine, the P&Z’s duty is to “ensure that all new development is in the city’s best interest consistent with the Plan of Development and makes the best use of available land.”

Speculating on a PDD by blasting out 121 environmentally sensitive acres next to a scenic road surrounded by an R-1 zone is not in the city’s best interest.

They are ignoring the Conservation Commission recommendations to preserve the Ridgeline and Paugussett Trail and focusing only on “Economic Development.” That means they are willing to trade our Quality of Life for zone changes that bring more apartments, shopping centers, hotels, gas stations etc. and massive parking lots. These lots will sit empty and the land will be gone forever (when was the last time you saw a parking lot destroyed so trees could be planted again?).

Please join SOS Save our Shelton, attend the P&Z meetings, contact the Mayor, write a letter or email your Alderman. Now is the time! Remind them that they are supposed to be working for us, not the developers.

Thank you for whatever you do to let your voice be heard.