LETTER: Who is complicit in the selling off of America?

To the Editor:

The people who run our newspapers choose the news to feature, building public opinion that impacts our nation’s direction.

Are our newspaper owners, editors and reporters proud of the direction of our country or do they realize they have helped drop our nation into a deep, messy pit?

Read the articles in the your paper critically.

We like to think of ourselves as the wealthiest, most powerful nation of earth. Our country’s $14 billion to $16 trillion debt will be our inheritance to innocent, unborn generations.

I am sickened by the sell-off of Alaskan and Mississippi offshore oil to British Petroleum; reservoirs, lakes and our drinking water to British-owned Aquarion (one of our state’s largest taxpayers and money-makers); and our industry and jobs to China.

This is all leading to the bankruptcy of cities, industries and businesses; an increase of joblessness and homelessness; the deterioration of infrastructure such as roads and railroads, and multiple tax increases on businesses struggling to survive.

Meanwhile, wealthy estate owners are voting with their feet.

Our government ignores domestic problems while spending additional billions of dollars on wars and other foreign adventures —  against North Korea, Russia, Iran and (while waiting for Castro to die) Cuba.
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While our workers require two or three jobs to survive, our government gives billions to the military — $12 billion annually in bribes and gifts to friends and enemies abroad.

They are selling off our country in big chunks — from meat-packing companies to Florida orange groves to Texas ranches with herds.
Former Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev was right when he shouted, “The U.S. will sell us the rope to hang them.”

And we are doing it. And our newspapers are helping them.

Dick De Witt