Lauretti needs Klarides

Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti has continuously run the City of Shelton as a business for some two decades. And in my opinion,  unlike Gov. Dannel Malloy - the documented  State of Connecticut Spending King -- Lauretti has kept his spending under control and kept Shelton taxes low.  The people of our fiscal decaying state need Mayor Lauretti's successful expertise as our next governor.  Mayor Lauretti needs the heavily qualified state Minority House Leader Themis Klarides of the 114th District as his running mate to reclaim the governor's chair for the GOP.

Themis Klarides is a proven combination blend of  state women's leadership of the the vintage of former Gov. M. Jodi Rell and former Gov. Ella Grasso and would be in my opinion -- the clincher for a successful Gov. Mark Lauretti-Themis Klarides ticket.  I have asked Themis Klarides to run for the Republican Mayor of Derby over the past years but she always declined as she did not want to relinquish her role in the Connecticut General Assembly.  As Lt. Governor under Gov. Mark Lauretti - Themis Klarides  would enhance her coveted role in the General Assembly.