‘Lauretti seems to be a politician, who refuses to engage in politics.’

In an Oct. 15 article in the Herald, Mayor Lauretti talked about why he would not debate either Michele, or myself. He called us unqualified newcomers, and said “They don’t understand the process or the arena they are in”. I disagree, the American political system is based on the fact that anyone can run for public office. I fully understand policy, and how government works. I have studied political science and policy for a number of years.

Mayor Lauretti went on to say “Debates don’t do anything for you, they are very unproductive”. This is also untrue; through history debate has been one of the backbones of politics. Since the very origins of politics, we have debated every idea and every policy. Debate is the essence of our entire political system. From the President of the United States, down to the smallest town council, debate is how ideas are presented and molded. Mayor Lauretti seems to be a politician, who refuses to engage in politics.

The mayor’s only platform for re-election is “I keep taxes low”. This is ridiculous. He has no plan for education, and no plan for helping all the parts of Shelton thrive and grow. His entire plan for this election is to keep the citizens of Shelton from voting. He wants you apathetic and feeling like change is impossible so that voter turnout is as low as possible, even lower than the one third of citizens that voted in his last election. Only 6,000 out of nearly 24,000 registered voters cast a vote for the mayor in his last election, but because of very low turnout, it seemed like he won by a landslide.

This mayor is playing a game of minority rules. What we have is not democracy, it is an indictment of Shelton politics. The people of Shelton feel left out and disenfranchised by Mark Lauretti. I call on the people of Shelton to show him that these tactics will no longer work. Cast a vote for change. Lauretti’s politics are stagnant, and with his comments, he has made it very clear he no longer cares to represent the people who elected him. It’s time for change. Write in to vote for Timothy Bristol.

Timothy Bristol

Write in candidate