Lauretti the right candidate for governor

Gubernatorial Candidate Dave Walker recently spoke at an event and said that if elected he would only seek the office for one term.  

My guess is that no one in the audience but one person recognized this blunder.  Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Lauretti immediately recognized the danger and ramifications of Walker’s comments and brought it to the attention of the audience when he was called to the podium.

To expect the CT GoP and the electorate to fund and support a candidate who will be labeled a "lame duck" the day they are sworn in is ludicrous. I prefer, no, I insist, our next governor to be someone who understands the issues and is available to hold the office for the time it will take to bring the State of Connecticut back to greatness.

The CT GoP has a large number of gubernatorial candidates who are not qualified to be governor because they have never held an elected office and have not been responsible for or actually balanced a municipal government budget. I believe the CT GoP has an obligation to root out these candidates immediately and clear the stage for only those who meet these criteria. As much as some may want the governorship to be a popularity contest we, the electorate of Connecticut, are looking for a responsible, respected and qualified CEO to head our state as its governor.

The fiscal problems of our state faces are horrendous. All the CPA's, MD's and MBA's in the state are incapable of solving these problems. The practical matter of getting our states economy to rally can only come from someone with experience in these matters.

Mark A. Lauretti is that person who can govern and manage our fiscal problems in Hartford. He leads from the front, knows the issues, brings solutions to the table with the people who can execute them. It is a waste of time and resources to have persons with no experience in successfully managing a municipality over an extended period of time. He also supported neighboring towns is a leader in the community and across the State of Connecticut.