Letter: Alderman wishes community best wishes this holiday season

To the Editor:

Merry Christmas and best wishes to one and all. The holiday season is upon us. Time seems to move quicker, the daylight hours seem shorter, but are actually getting longer, and we don't see any end to the madness around us. The 24/7 news has us all on edge and missing any event now that we live in a real time social media bubble to remind of missed opportunities can cause anxiety in even a fourth grader.   

It's really a time to slow down and take stock of ourselves and those around us. Especially the way we drive our cars on the streets and literally race by family and friends at home and at work. The tragedy of being such a communication savoy and well healed society is that our manners have been left by the wayside. Courtesy and common sense have gone out the door.   The passing of President George H. W. Bush has brought to light how he lived and shared with others around him, especially his family, that the basic courtesy of being accessible and amicable can go a long way in comforting and communicating with others while maintaining our own identity, ideals, plans, and integrity.

Saying Good Morning, shaking a hand or a fist or elbow bump, can add a spring in your step for the rest of the day, bring you a natural internal feeling of happiness that is not available in any department of on any shelf in Walmart.  It's not just a seasonal thing but should be a year round practice.

I recently learned from a Honduran soccer coach that a very common practice for soccer players in other countries is to greet each other and all the coaches with a hand shake each day, with eye contact as they express verbal niceties. I saw him put this into practice with a local soccer team and noted the players are much more respectful than on other sports teams to their coaches, instructors and adults in general. It even carries through to their classrooms. All our little, biddy, flag, and older sports players can learn, mature and more fully appreciate their education and importance of  others from this practice and I am sure it would enhance even a robotics team performance as well.

As always remember to check on an elderly or lonely family member or friend weekly, be aware of the winter weather to come and take appropriate precautions as drivers and if you are out in the early morning or in the evening running, walking and exercising please wear reflective clothing, vests or a least light colored clothing for everyone's safety.

I wish each of you and your families a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Anthony Simonetti


1st Ward

Hayfield Drive