Letter: Aldermen say Sunnyside PTO flyer ‘misrepresented’ their views

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday, we became aware of — and obtained — a flyer created by the Sunnyside School PTO titled “Full Day Kindergarten?!!” and given to the children to take home to their parents.

The flyer stated, “Our aldermen have expressed that they do not support a full day kindergarten,” and listed our names and phone numbers.

At no time did we ever state any such thing. We did express concerns over how it would be funded.

When PTO Co-President Linda Stiewing was asked about this, she stated that she heard we did not support full-day kindergarten. Rather than contacting us to discuss full-day kindergarten or verify what she “heard,” the PTO went ahead and sent its flyer.

Board of Aldermen President John Anglace spoke for every alderman when he stated we support full-day kindergarten and will work with the Board of Education to make it happen. We find it offensive that the Sunnyside PTO deliberately misrepresented us, and blatantly sent out false information.

Furthermore, it is repulsive that the PTO used children as a tool to further their agenda. This is child manipulation, and the PTO should be ashamed along with the BOE for condoning such activity.

The Sunnyside PTO co-presidents should resign immediately. The BOE and the school superintendent need to move forward and enact full-day kindergarten in the upcoming new school year. If they do not, then they should resign or be shown the door.

Eric McPherson

Stanley Kudej

Aldermen, Second Ward