Letter: An Infusion of Youth

I think we can all agree that, regardless of our political stripes, there is something we can site as great about Shelton.  Taking that a step further I think the majority of us can point to something that makes us better than most towns.  There are many reasons and factors that have made that so, one of which is the political path the city has been on for quite a long time.  I personally like to refer to Shelton as the oasis in the desert that is the tax and spend big blotted government state of Connecticut.  It's become quite clear the majority of Shelton residents recognize that and prefer it not to change.

We should be searching for elected officials committed to those same principles and goals and why I believe we should be supporting David Gidwani for 1st Ward Alderman.  I've spoken with him numerous times and he is a small business owner who understands the symbiotic relationship between a community and both its residents and businesses.

We keep hearing the catch word "transparency" throughout this election cycle.  A lack of transparency is often falsely perceived because of poor or limited outreach.  There are a growing number of ways to reach out to people but it is the new media consisting of the Internet and social media that's growing in popularity and certainly on the path of overtaking the growing obsolete means of communication such as TV, radio, and newspapers.  David recognizes that and has done an amazing job communicating with the public through those means and has committed to continuing to do so.

Finally, that leads directly into the word "change" we also keep hearing about. Well here's your chance Shelton!  As a husband and father of a young family myself utilizing our public schools,  I embrace the opportunity to vote for and hopefully elect someone who is like minded with nearly the same circumstances who has stepped up to the plate where so many of us have otherwise to represent the parents and working families in our community.   This Election Day I hope you will also support David Gidwani.