Letter: Anthony Simonetti's 'Straight Talk'

This letter and this newspaper are protected by the First Amendment.  This freedom of speech and expression are not however free and they require us to live by a set of laws to protect those who come forward to speak out.   This freedom must be defended at all costs and although it is very unsettling to watch live broadcasts of marchers calling for the death of law enforcement personnel they are protected also. Our finest, in Shelton and in every community are the thin blue line between the civility that we enjoy and complete chaos and a breakdown in our society both physically and mentally. I don't condone these protesters behavior and find it reprehensible when many of those who they claim are victims were thugs and criminals.

I personally observed a police activity in a large Connecticut city on Sunday.  The police were called to a potential crime scene and had to go into an unlit area where they could have been  shot at when they entered and announced they were on the premises. Both officers bravely and without delay moved into the area thankfully taking over the situation without incident.   The scripted and unscripted TV shows don't come close to this live reality. I hope none of you or your loved one have to be part of or ever witness this process.

Shelton has had its experiences with grave crimes like any other community but still has a very long history of being a safe and protected community.  Fortunately our first responders, police, fire, EMT's and others are always their for us. As I and many of the candidates for municipal office walk and drive our city streets we rely on mail boxes and house numbers to find our constituents.   More often than you can imagine the numbers on mail boxes are missing, faded, painted over or broken and houses rarely have numbers visible from the street.  You have to wonder how the USPS do it 6 days a week.

We do owe it to ourselves and those first responders to mark our homes with numbers on our mailboxes (both sides) and large numbers at the most visible entrance to the home from the street. The first responders do have GPS and maps but any time wasted in locating and moving to your property in an emergency especially at night should be avoided.   I hope you will mark your homes appropriately and if you have any neighbors who need assistance you will offer to do the same for them. My BSA Shelton Troop 25 training tells me this is the right thing to do.

Shelton is a community of people who come to the aid of others, it always has been our tradition and I hope you will join me in continuing in that tradition.   Please be part of the solution.  And don't forget to vote on Nov. 3rd.  Go Shelton Gaels Football!