Letter: As for full-day K, let children be children as long as they can

To the Editor:

I totally disagree with the recent Commentary by Michele B. Bialek, advocating for full-day kindergarten in Shelton.

Please let children be children as long as they can. They need the nurturing of a mother or parent at 4 and 5 years of age, not the rigors of a nanny state caring for your child.

Let children develop their bodies and curiosities of the world without being put in closed environments for a full day.

They need fresh air and a chance to explore the world around them by themselves for a while. There is plenty of time for a school environment.

Benefits can be minimal at their age

Studies have shown that at their age, the benefit of pre-school is minimal. A child who hasn’t gone to pre-school quickly adjusts to the school setting over one who has.

Have you ever gone to a Little League baseball or basketball game? Most of the children are picking daisies in the outfield or playing with a friend on the sideline, not aware of what is going on in the game.

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Are we burning these young minds out before they even have had a chance to develop? I do not feel longer and more days of schooling is the answer to education.

Let’s put back more physical fitness and free time into their young lives. I believe they will be able to concentrate and learn more by doing this.

There is a cost to taxpayers

In addition, would Michele Bialek have the same feeling about full-day kindergarten if she herself had to pay for the cost for the service? Federal grants run out.

Plus, where do you think the money comes from that the federal government pays out to the states? It is you and I paying for it in our tax dollars.

Therefore, I say leave the current kindergarten day as is. Let our children have a little free time in their lives before we expose them to the rigors of the world.

Richard Rizzi