Letter: Backs candidate due to his civic and military service

To the Editor:

Following in the footsteps of our highly regarded, consistently effective 122nd District state Rep. Larry Miller will be a formidable challenge to any aspiring candidate.

It will take a person with a strong business background, a proven record of achievement in various civic activities and sound family values, which is what Larry brought to this important position.

Based on my personal knowledge and observation over many years, I believe Mike Vickerelli of Stratford is the person best suited for the job.

As Larry’s next-door neighbor, Mike was — in a sense — Larry’s logical protégé and often accompanied Larry on trips to the state legislature.

In addition to Mike’s notable record of civic service, he is a Vietnam-era Army veteran, which gives him a personal insight into veteran affairs that are becoming more and more important in the Iraq/Afghanistan aftermath.

As a young man “I liked Ike” — and as a senior citizen, “I like Mike,” and intend to support him in the Aug. 12 Republican primary and, hopefully, in the November general election. I urge you to join me.

Mark P. Gaynor


Gaynor identified himself as a retired U.S. Army colonel. The 122nd District includes parts of Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull.