Letter: Believes Mike Vickerelli will serve Shelton well in Hartford

To the Editor:

As you know, our state has been on a poor financial path for many years, in large thanks to Democrats running the legislature in Hartford. We must send well-qualified Republicans to Hartford in order to fix our state’s economy.

Mike Vickerelli is just the candidate to help us turn the state around. Mike was educated in manufacturing, engineering and management. He developed over 30 companies, including Genepac, a plastic mold manufacturing company; Solartec, Vickerelli Real Estate Services for residential and commercial markets; and Shell Station Restaurant.

As a small business owner, Mike understands the unnecessary burdens placed on us by the legislature in Hartford, but more importantly, he has the knowledge and ability to help fix this problem.

Mike is a well known in the business community. He is heavily involved with the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and serves on the board of directors for the Stratford Chamber of Commerce.

He is deeply committed to his community, serving on the Steering Committee for Stratford’s Transit Center Development Program, the Economic Development Commission, Regional Government Relations and Transportation Committee, and Regional Transit Oriented District Committee.

As Republicans, we value less government, lower taxes and a pro-business environment that will create jobs for our citizens to work and prosper just like we have accomplished here in Shelton.

Mike Vickerelli shares these values and that’s why I am endorsing him in the GOP primary on Aug. 12. We need Mike fighting for us in Hartford.

Mark Lauretti, Shelton Mayor