Letter: Bialek’s realistic vision

I am thrilled that Michele Bialek is running for mayor. She will do great things for Shelton. She’s not only a successful business woman but she’s a leader who will be responsive to the voters while keeping our taxes low.

I’ve lived here for many years and I see so much potential that just hasn’t come to fruition – one major area is our downtown. It’s right on the water. It’s right off Route 8. There’s so much going for it, but the current administration lacks a real plan and moves at a snail’s pace.

Michele has a comprehensive, realistic vision for our downtown. After talking with her, I can imagine a downtown that brings in visitors from the entire area. It would bring in more taxes to the city, and it would increase our quality of life. Michele wants to draw on all the resources we have right in Shelton – working farms, a winery, so many artists, so many small businesses. She has experience and knowledge in how to create business partnerships and incubator programs that will help small businesses deepen their connection to the community and thrive.

I love what some individuals have done to bring the handmade market and public concerts to downtown. We need a leader in City Hall to integrate good ideas like those into a master plan. We need someone who will engage state funders and developers to help build the infrastructure necessary to make our downtown great -- and get it done before the next century. I know that Michele Bialek would do this – while managing a transparent budget that will keep our taxes low and affordable. That’s why she’s my choice for Mayor of Shelton.