Letter: Capra for Alderman in the 4th Ward

I have known Jim Capra since he was 10 years old. I was his 5th grade teacher at Booth Hill School. Since that time, we have built a long and enduring friendship.

I know Jim as a kind, compassionate and empathetic man. He truly cares and wants to help people in need.

He is also an intelligent and articulate man who is very capable of understanding the issues that he will be confronted with in office. He is a team worker and player, but also very able to work independently when the need arises.

It is my pleasure to write this to support this fine young man, my good friend Jim Capra.

I strongly urge the people in the 4th Ward to support and vote for him. He will be an excellent Alderman. He loves Shelton and will love working for it's citizens doing all he can to make Shelton the best place to live in Connecticut.