Letter: Caring and kindness emerge in Shelton fire aftermath

To the Editor:

Shelton unfortunately had been dealt the unthinkable — a fire. A fire that destroys our history and several businesses, causing residents to lose their property and homes.

But when a disaster happens, we see caring and kindness emerge in the aftermath.

I reached out to Vision Center at 880 Bridgeport Ave., hopeful that a young resident would be able to replace a pair of eyeglasses.

The original pair were lost when she and her mother had to flee the early morning fire.

Without any hesitation, the answer from Vision Center was “yes.” I am grateful to Lisa, optometrist Christian Swenby and staff.

Later that day, I contacted Walmart in Shelton and now want to thank Peggy, Marissa and their employees for helping the community.

Every day, continuing kindness is still occurring from so many of you — volunteering and making donations.

Finally, to every firefighter, a job well done.

Nancy Dickal