Letter: City can afford full-day kindergarten, 'the money exists'

To the Editor:

Proposed education costs including full-time kindergarten represent a small amount of the existing and likely future city surplus.

These costs could be covered in the blink of an eye with no tax increase. It’s a no-brainer. The money exists to make this improvement.

Depending on how you quantify it, the city is flush with money. That view was supported by the city’s finance director. Multi-millions are involved.

It’s a phoney-baloney surplus — a yearly built-in surplus. It’s planned.

It’s not the result of good management, as is claimed.

The money could be spent on worthwhile city projects or result in a tax decrease. It could support full-day kindergarten in the blink of an eye.

Joseph J. Knapik


Joseph Knapik is a member of the city Board of Apportionment and Taxation, which will vote on the proposed 2014-15 municipal budget next week. He is a Democrat.