Letter: David who?

That is a phrase that is never spoken for those in David Gidwani's extremely large group of friends and associates.  Just about everyone in Shelton knows David, or knows someone who knows David.  There is a reason for that.

Once you meet David, you instantly become a friend of his. He becomes a friend because he quickly demonstrates his genuine concern and caring for anyone (just look at some of his reposts to keep the community informed about current events).  I met David back in 2012 and quickly became friends with a very intelligent, witty, and outgoing person that very same day.  Why?  Because of his friendly personality.  He easily welcomes anyone at any event or social function and quickly makes everyone feel as if they are an important part of the group--no matter what the event, outing, trip, gathering might be.

David is a go-getter--exemplified by his success as a businessman and, more importantly, as a husband and father.  David is also a giver for those reasons mentioned above.  Like I said, he is a caring person.  Anyone, including myself, who have had certain issues pop up in their lives are quickly reassured by David's offer to--simply--help out.

If you would like to see the Town of Shelton continue to grow for the benefit of all, then I would suggest placing David Gidwani in a position where he can have more influence.  He not only cares about his friends, but he cares about people in general.  He also greatly cares about the future of Shelton. He sets the bar high.  You cannot go wrong by having David at your side.

I am not just saying that as a friend of his.  I, too, care about Shelton.  In David's hands, Shelton will continue to be a city to settle in.

If you are undecided on even getting out to vote this time around, I would encourage you to get out and at least vote for David to get him on the counsel.  As an eight year resident of Shelton myself, I know that I cannot go wrong with this vote.  I will be voting the Republican Party, starting with David Gidwani for Alderman.