Letter: Digging deeper

Some say “It’s a no brainer” to vote for Mayor Lauretti in Shelton, and others say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because taxes are low.  People need to dig deeper to find out why taxes are low.

Ask city employees how many of them are full timers with benefits?  Lauretti doesn’t want to pay the salaries and benefits.  He has a car, benefits and all that he needs.  He should treat the people that keep this city running with the same respect.

Many plow trucks broke down last winter.  Lauretti likes to buy used equipment from surrounding towns to patch up Shelton’s fleet or recycle old equipment from one department to another.  I hope it doesn’t snow.

Many roads are a mess.  Chip sealing is not paving.  It is a band aid that doesn’t last and damages cars.  Residents voted for 10 million dollars the last 2 elections for road work.  Where did that go?  He missed out on a government grant for fire department radios while arguing against the need for new ones- a huge taxpayer expense.  He is misleading residents about the city purchase of fire trucks.  It was a referendum question.  He didn’t want them.  Years ago he defunded the account for regular replacement of trucks.  He also defunded the roads account.

That is why it went to referendum.  Why wasn’t the purchase of school buses on referendum? Because he wanted them.  Many purchases in town are bonded.

But taxes are low!

He refused to debate, has the how dare you question me attitude, if you didn’t vote for him he said “You don’t get it”, and if you are not happy in Shelton, “You should move out of the state.”  Is that any way to treat the residents of your city?

With that arrogance in Shelton City Hall, it is time for change.