Letter: Evidence to support leaving kindergarten at a half day

To the Editor:

On Feb. 24, the Connecticut Post had an article by Wendy Lecker that offers evidence to support leaving kindergarten at a half day.

Lecker states teaching children reading, writing, subtracting and addition before they are ready will not help their achievement later on. They might memorize these skills, but they will not learn or understand them.

She says children must learn what their brains are ready to absorb.

Play is essential in kindergarten. By playing, children build skills to be successful readers. She says there are two studies confirming the value of play verses teaching reading to young children.

Those who learn to read at age 5 had no advantage. Children who learned later had better comprehension by age 11.

Therefore, before we make kindergarten a full day, maybe we should take a closer look at what we may be doing to our children.

Richard Rizzi