Letter: Feds need financial experts to the solve the nation’s woes

To the Editor:

If Connecticut politicians expect to get re-elected in November, they must wake up to the growing anger of their constituents.

A recent Connecticut Post editorial says the cash-strapped city of Bridgeport will have a 1.87% tax increase beginning July 1. That’s an average increase of $122 for homeowners and $300 for commercial properties.

In the same issue, a Bridgeport official claims, “It’s a superstition to believe that government must spend money to improve the economy.”

It is important to understand that government doesn’t spend money. Money is spent by elected officials.

Many career politicians are trained in law, and lack the financial training, education or actual financial experience necessary to handle the thousands, millions, or billions of dollars their position thrusts upon them a mayors, governors, senators, etc.

These are men and women with no professional or practical experience in finance that are making important decisions with your tax money.

While our nation has a well-trained, well-financed Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, etc., we desperately need a U.S. Department of Finance. We should recruit the most successful stockbrokers to save our nation from our suicidal $16-trillion deficit, which is about to engulf and destroy the country.

We need financial experts to straighten out our deficit rather than depend on untrained, incompetent politicians to do a job they are not prepared to perform. You wouldn’t call a plumber if you needed heart surgery.

How can a nation exist without a modern Department of Finance, staffed with the help of experienced, retired Wall Street billionaires?

Our government needs people with solutions to unemployment, immigration, rising prices, taxes, the suicidal sell-off of our natural resources, and government and assorted corruption.

Do we believe our vote in November will solve any of these problems?

Having a federal Department of Finance would be a practical start to saving our country.

Dick De Witt