Letter: Full-day kindergarten would provide 'a positive place'

To the Editor:

I totally disagree with those who argue full-day kindergarten takes away from the time when young children can be young children.

Part of the reason they need full day is so they can be kids. Right now when they go to kindergarten, they are not allowed to play.

My son came home last year and told me he couldn’t play with any of the toys in his classroom. There is simply no time.

They even took all the toys out of the kindergarten classrooms because there is no time for them.

No matter what we do the kids have to learn certain things, and whether or not I agree with what is being taught it doesn’t matter because the government is too involved.

So I say if children need to learn what “they” are mandating, at least give them time in the day for the kids to play. Let them learn that school is not a negative place, but a positive place.

Also, if they only have a half day, most kids can’t keep up and learn what they must so they are struggling unnecessarily in first grade, which again shows them that school is too hard and a negative place.

I, for one, think with all the demands being put on teachers and kids nowadays that a full-day kindergarten program would be beneficial all around.

Amanda Rizzi-Durante