Letter: Gidwani, a servant of the community

I was ecstatic when I realized I could write my thoughts to you about someone who has been such an inspirational person in my life.  Although I have only known him for about 10 months, it seems like I have known him my entire life. That person is David Gidwani.

My life has been good and my family and friends have been great sources of inspiration through all life's challenges. However when David came along I was confronting some serious issues with my daughter who at the time had some serious learning disabilities. After only a few conversations with David about the school system in Connecticut and the obstacles I was having, he made a promise to help me sort through the bureaucracy and it was like a member of my family telling me it would all be ok. His comforting words and wisdom made me feel like I had found someone who understood what I was going through. David committed to helping in a way no one at that time in my life could. He assured me that there was always a way to get things done and that good people and perseverance would prevail in the end. I felt like David knew me and my woes and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. In a short couple of months David's motivation and drive helped me maneuver the challenges many children have in Connecticut with the public educational system the way it is. My daughter of 7, who was not able to get the services she needed because of the limited resources of the state, was destined to become a number like all other lower and middle school children with learning differences. David worked his magic of inspiration and dedication and made me believe that anything was possible if I believed in my child and and most of all believed in him. His passion for the care and wellbeing of children was obvious now if not before.

My daughter now attends a school in Connecticut for children with learning differences. Although not part of the state’s educational system, the school made an exception and the advice David shared with me was invaluable. The school, which has advanced my daughter’s ability to read and write, should be a model for all public school systems. The opportunity was there only because of the undying and selfless commitment of one man with a great heart.

David Gidwani is that man. A great man with a great heart who made the impossible possible.