Letter: Gidwani aspiring politician

Over the past few years I have come to know David Gidwani quite well.

In the time I have come to know him I have discovered that it would be difficult for anyone to stand in his shoes. And he has many. His are the shoes of a successful entrepreneur and savvy businessman. They are also the shoes of a loving father of two great children. David is the guy you wouldn't give a second thought to leaving with your own children. Most recently he has also picked up the shoes of an aspiring politician. I can say without hesitation that he will be a smart one, with the acumen of a top executive and the honor of a statesman. If his name appears on your local ballot, you will not find a better choice.

I haven't known him for any eternity but he has become one of the few people I would call in the middle of the night for help in an emergency.

He's the type of individual who offers his service at times when it's inconvenient. I believe he sees helping people as his privilege. And it is my privilege for me to call David Gidwani my friend.