Letter: In Shelton, people make the difference

To the Editor:

We wonder sometimes what makes Shelton different from so many other cities. It prospers when others municipalities flounder and it takes on disasters without blinking an eye when many of its own citizens panic and are not amicable to listening to discussion, or to understand and/or compromise.   

The Shelton High School graduations speeches, if you listened, were very insightful and encouraging.   But behind the scenes, the preparation of those graduates for twelve years was due to the masterful work of the Shelton Public School teachers and staff who deserve accolades for their perseverance and exceptional teaching ability.

I wonder how many of those who attended the SHS graduation ceremony were aware that they were in the middle of the $1.6 million renovation construction site of the SHS athletic facility. There is something to be said about how it was ready for the graduation despite the ongoing construction. And, I think well I know we owe a big ‘thank you’ to the building committee members, Shelton Parks & Recreation and our own Highways and Bridges Dept., who worked diligently on this project but even more so to the native Shelton gentlemen who is the "Clerk of the Works" and the on site manager on the renovation of the complex, Gary DeFilippo. Gary, thanks for making it a great and special day for our graduates, their families and so many others.   

I want to shout-out to and point out that the person, who, except for Dr. Smith, oversees probably the largest contingency of SHS students: Athletic Director John Niski. He also somehow finds the time to support and mentor the award-winning SHS Robotics Team.  And, although John could have been seated with his peers in front of the graduates, he was selflessly assisting a grandfather who was about to see his first of many grandchildren graduate from SHS.

The graduation parking situation was also given special attention by our Shelton PD and it looked like the stands filled and emptied from both top and bottom smoothly and without a traffic tie up at any of the intersections or parking lots at the school complex.  The plan worked — great idea to use the robo-call to alert everyone. Save the plan and tape for next year.

To answer my own question from above: All in all it's the people of Shelton that make the difference.   Please take the time when you see them to say ‘thank you’ to those who work behind the scenes, in offices that you will probably never venture into or hopefully be summoned to. We have the best people in every area of our city and they do try and succeed everyday in making it a better place to live, raise a family, recreate and learn.

Enjoy and be safe this summer.

Anthony F. Simonetti, Alderman